Left: “Slanted & Implanted” 2013, enamel, gouache and ink on panel, 20”x16”
Right: “Citric Cypher” 2013, enamel, gouache and ink on panel, 20”x16”
Meet the Artist Q: Do you have a set schedule for when you work?
@geoffreytoddsmith: I try to work most days. I’m mostly a 9-5 worker. I focus better when I treat it like a job.

"Halloween was the night of all nights in our neighbourhood. It was the one night when, in an era before poisoned fruit and razor blades, we were allowed to run unfettered. It was our unfounded hope that Mrs. Harris would come to the door bearing birdies and basketballs and not simply the stale, loose cup of popcorn she was known to dump, unceremoniously, into our baskets."
- From Lucy Black’s story “Mrs. Harris”


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Clutter is Killing Your Creativity
Clutter is Killing Your Creativity
One of our contributor’s from our 2year anniversary issue, Jeff Goins, has just published a most helpful exposé on clutter and the restraints it puts on oneself as a writer. He tells you a little backstory on why we all fall so comfortably into clutter, but gives you six steps per solution to solving the dreadful foe. Read his brief and powerful piece.
Live reading tonight at #shine for #truestory with @jannamarlies and Robin Martin

True Stories

We were happy to meet both Matt and Jen Jones at the #gooddesignmarket. Heres some great true stories of theirs!

Contributor News

We want to congratulate Patrick Kindig! on his most recent publications in Word Riot. You may recognize Patrick’s name from our most recent Meet the Author interview and by our excerpts of his story, “How to Pack a Suitcase.” Patrick contributed to our latest summer issue and is yet again being published, this time for his poetry. Click Here to read his two poems.

The True Stories of Sacramento

Last Sunday Under the Gum Tree was at #gooddesignmarket as we were telling you in previous posts all last week up to the event. Here are some of the true stories we collected at our table from visitors at our booth!

On the left: Lemon Emanant
2013, enamel, gouache and ink on panel, 24”x18”

On the right: Synchronized Sinning
2013, enamel, gouache and ink on panel, 12”x9” @geoffreytoddsmith